[id: art of 9 monsters titled in a cute white & pink font: “Monstra City Bakery! (a monster dating game)”. the c in city has horns and the tail of the y in bakery turns into a curling tentacle. the monsters are (left to right): 1. a gargoyle humanoid with grey skin, huge white teeth, six yellow eyes, a green mohawk, multiple ear piercings in his large pointy ears, large black bat wings, and claws. he’s wearing a t shirt with a heart on it, a black vest over it with several pins including gay & trans pride flags, and dark jeans. 2. a melanistic yeti. he’s a tall, broad-shouldered humanoid with charcoal grey fur, ram horns, small tusks. he has a slight smile, an animal nose, and claws. he’s wearing an unbuttoned red plaid shirt, leaving his furry chest partly visible, brown suspenders, and jeans. 3: a werewolf-vampire person. his face is wolf-like with brown fur and he has small black wings. he’s wearing half-moon glasses, a white and black shirt, jeans, and a brown messenger bag with a peace sign pin on it. 4: a cthulhu person with green skin, her face ending in 3 tentacles, and her green hair in a ponytail. she’s wearing a pink tank top & jean shorts that have separate legs for her several tentacle legs. 5: a snake person, someone whose top half is human and bottom half is snake-like. they have dark brown skin & medusa-like snake hair, blue like their tail. they’re wearing a green sweater vest over a light blue shirt. they have their arms crossed and they’re slightly smiling. 6: a mermaid sitting on a rock. she’s white with long green seaweed-like hair, small fin ears, and a light purple tail. she’s wearing a blue bandeau-like bra. her eyes are yellow and she’s looking at the viewer intensely. 7: a bird person. they have purple skin, light lavender hair in one long braid, feathers down their spine, feathery ears, and two huge black wings for arms. they’re wearing a green shirt and pants over their black feathered body. 8: a ghost. they have light skin, short brown hair, are floating off the ground, and are slightly see-through. they’re wearing a yellow sundress, blue earrings & flip-flops, and a sun hat. 9: behind the whole cast, taking up the majority of the background is a massive spider with giant shiny eyes and hairy legs. end id]

Monstra City Bakery (Main Theme):

Dating just got more complicated.

You’ve just moved to Monstra City to take over your aunt’s old bakery.
You know nothing about the town, and you’ve never baked in your life, but you figure you can handle a new place, a new job, a new dating scene—piece of cake, right?
But then you discover . . .

you're the only human in town.

Who will win your heart?

[Image description: portrait and quick profile of dateable cthulhu character. Transcription follows: Iva is a devoted single mom. She runs a popular blog about the Monstra City metro area for a living, so she can (and does) attend every PTA meeting, school play, and Little League game–but no matter how much she does, she worries that it’s not enough. She might be ready to love again, but is there room in her life for you?]
[Image description: portrait and quick profile of dateable werewolf-vampire character. Transcription follows: A typical nerdy college student, Andy struggles with the usual stuff–money, his homework, and the myriad health problems that come along with being a werewolf-vampire mix stuck in a constant state of half-transformation.]
[Image description: portrait and quick profile of dateable gargoyle character. Transcription follows: When Doomwing isn’t studying social work at Monstra City Community College, he can be found protesting social and economic inequality, attending rowdy concerts, committing good old-fashioned vandalism… or talking to his proud mom on the phone.]
[Image description: portrait and quick profile of the gorgon character. Transcription follows: Callaneiro loves their job at Monstra City Municipal Library almost as much as they love their snakes. Callaneiro would love to find a life partner, but when you have a head full of picky snakes, dating is tricky. Whoever wins Callaneiro’s heart is going to have to win the snakes’ hearts first. ]
[Image description: portrait and quick profile of dateable harpy character. Transcription follows: Aulus lives and works on a remote Christmas tree farm, never goes to town, never receives visitors. Although Aulus’s wings are perfectly functional, they’re never used, and everybody in town knows why.]
[Image description: portrait and quick profile of dateable melanistic yeti character. Transcription follows: Borlochka owns and operates the local Christmas tree farm and the only thing thicker than his beautiful trees is his accent. With a heart as soft as his fur, he’s fallen in love at least twice a week since he left Russia, but he’s been alone since long before that.]
[Image description: portrait and quick profile of dateable ghost character. Transcription follows: Nell is a born ghost–a soul born without a body–and their passion is human anthropology, which they study at Monstra City Community College… though their avid interest in corporeal affairs is disgraceful at best in the opinion of their affluent born ghost family.]
[Image description: portrait and quick profile of dateable mermaid character. Transcription follows: Very little is known about Nerys. She exists in whispered rumors about a hungry creature that lives in the bog on the outskirts of Monstra City. Nobody wants to investigate closely enough to prove those rumors false.]

And yes, you can, must, and shall . . .





Don’t worry; Malketh is an expert on love.  Monstra City’s favorite wedding officiant is older than she looks—way older!—and she has something to hide.

Who's making Monstra City Bakery?

Hi, I’m Kipling, the creator of Monstra City Bakery!  I’ve been drawing for 14 years and writing stories ever since my tiny hands could reach the nearest keyboard.  In October 2017 I decided to combine those talents and make a video game.  It’s been a lot of work—and a ton of fun!

It is important to me that any game I make be inclusive.  I’m a gay and nonbinary person, and I understand how vital it is to see yourself in the media you engage with.  Accessibility is important, too–so the game is playable by those with low vision or no vision.  (Just hit V at any time to enable the read-aloud feature and additional audio description.)

I’ve made Monstra City a place I feel at home in.  I think you will too.

There are nine dateable monsters in Monstra City: 3 male, 3 female, and 3 nonbinary–and as the player character, you can choose your name, your pronouns (he/him, she/her, or they/them), and style your appearance. None of the dateable characters are gender-locked, meaning you don’t have to get called by the wrong pronouns just to date the monster of your dreams!

Monstra City Bakery is about 2/3rds of the way finished.  My target date for completion is Valentine’s Day, 2022—but I may just surprise myself and finish it before then.

Everyone's excited to meet you!


September 2nd, 2020
Want to get a sweet taste of Monstra City Bakery?  Play the demo that dropped today!  In the playable demo, you’ll date 3 of Monstra City’s most interesting citizens.  (Monstra City Bakery’s Patreon supporters got to decide which 3 of our dateables they wanted in the demo.)

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Creating Monstra City is a full-time job for me.  I’m the writer, the illustrator, and the programmer, but I still need to hire voice actors and pay my music composer, and I need your help.  MCB’s Patreon supporters can enjoy all kinds of cool perks, including merch, a Discord server, opportunities to watch me work, and much more.

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